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July 16, 2012: This website has been translated into Ukranian by Mario Pozner. I have, for the most part, forgotten about htmlPX and rarely, if ever, use it anymore. Thanks, Mario, for keeping it alive. I hope that it is very useful to people who come across Mario's site at

Since I haven't updated this site in a long time, I checked my counters on the htmlPX site and found that it is still getting 450 or so hits a month. Since August 2004 there have been almost 34,000 hits on the htmlPX home page. I don't think that is bad for a program that hasn't been updated in about 12 years.

Dec. 12, 2003: Interest continues in htmlPX. I don't use it much myself, but I check the web once in a while and I find others who are using it. It has even spawned a couple of other programs. You can see them at and I ran this last one through the Google translator and the site claims to be generated with a modified version of htmlPX. That is great.

If you know of others who are making serious use of the program, please let me know. It is almost 4 years old now and still ticking. Simple, but useful, well-written software has a long lifespan.

Nov. 10, 2001: Amazingly, I am interested again in working on htmlPX. Just when I thought it was dead I start finding uses for it and have other features that I think it needs. I have some great ideas for a new version. If you have thoughts, please email me and let me know what you want added/changed. No promises...

I have no idea how many people have downloaded htmlPX by this time. I still get registrations from time to time and I find a site now and then that uses htmlPX. I am estimating over 10,000 downloads by this time.

May 3, 2000: A bug was reported that can be easily fixed. See Developer Notes for details. It was reported by a user of htmlPX.

I haven't done much with htmlPX lately, but the downloads keep coming. It has exceeded 4000 now, so somewhere there are 4000 happy htmlPX users. Email me at and let me hear your experiences with htmlPX. If you have a site that was built with htmlPX send me the URL and I will start a page with links.

Oct. 17, 1999: htmlPX has exceeded 2500 downloads. It has now been released as open source software and the source code is available for download at this site.

July 19, 1999: htmlPX is still in business. We are now approaching 1800 downloads and many people have registered. Check out the samples page where you can download more sample sites to better understand how htmlPX works and how it can save you lots of time.

April 21, 1999: We have now surpassed 1000 downloads and the registrations are starting to come in. We have begun planning the next version of htmlPX. If you have any comments or suggestions, please send them in now. Thanks for your support.

March 1, 1999: We have exceeded 600 downloads of htmlPX 1.0 now! Let me hear from you if you are using it and find it useful. Let me hear what you want added also.

Jan. 28, 1999: In the first week after uploading htmlPX 1.0, over 300 people have downloaded it. htmlPX is on its way!

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